About The Tiffany Antosz Foundation

The Tiffany Antosz Foundation (TAF) is committed to igniting a world art movement that embraces and promotes multidisciplinary art created by artists with disabilities.

Our founder, Tiffany, is passionate about art being an inclusive arena.

TAF recognizes that art can be used as an expression or experiment, as a method of healing and therapy, as well as an expansion into professional occupations within the creative industries.

Multidisciplinary art can be comprised of adaptive, inclusive, and universally designed methods in painting, culinary arts, creative writing, music, fashion, dance, photography, media, architecture, and so much more.

In the upcoming years, TAF will be hosting a variety of events showcasing multiple art forms by international artists with disabilities. TAF events and workshops will enable, engage and inspire inclusivity and passion through the common bond of art.

Help us launch our global art movement to celebrate and promote the disability community with a donation today.