Dr. Jo Gooding

Dr. Jo Gooding 

Advisory Board

Jo’s mission is to advance disability-led creative projects and normalize disability inclusion. She is an expert in research and design with experience in academia and teaching creative students at art colleges and design schools in the UK. Jo became drawn to the design of disability objects when she was researching the history of the National Health Service (NHS) eyewear for her master’s degree at V&A London. Her fascination with understanding how objects and systems contribute to disabling people arose when she experienced chronic illness. 

After receiving an Art History degree, Jo studied Design History at London’s Royal College of Art and later earned her doctorate in Design at Northumbria University. 

As a Creative Economy Engagement fellow at Kingston School of Art, UK, Jo worked with the Hands of X team and contributed to V&A Dundee’s exhibition Design Meets Disability. She is a signatory to the manifesto, “Supernormal Design meets Extraordinary Bodies,” is connected to the inclusive design innovation networks, and is a contributor to the Design for Health community.

Now Jo delivers consultancy on inclusive design and disability-inclusive culture through Design Research Associates. She serves as the Director of Research Strategy for the Adaptive Fashion Network where she supports the growth of adaptive and inclusive fashion and clothing, for designers, entrepreneurs, makers, students, retailers, wearers, advocates, educators, and change-makers.